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Investment Philosophy

We Invest in Purpose Driven Companies


We invest in early stage tech start ups that meet our criteria for both people and revenue growth. We believe that companies can grow a culture that works for everyone, and we will put our money behind it. If you are interested in investing in the same way please contact us!

WATCT Investment Criteria

By establishing key benchmarks for success, we ensure that we invest in a team that shares our beliefs.  The WATCT investment criteria creates a foundation and then a path for success for an early stage company. 


We seek out partners that would like to offer their skills, expertise and experience into our shared endeavour. Our collaborative approach allows us to all learn together and collectively grow new kinds of companies that everyone wants to be a part of.

Announcing Our Investment Pool

Women At The Cap Table invests in startups that believe in a value driven culture. Over the last five years we have helped fund eight companies across a range of industries. 

 We are a diverse team of female investors including software executives, lawyers, finance advisors, engineers and community advocates, but we are always looking to welcome new faces.

How it works:

  • Membership $5250

  • $5000 to investment fund.

  • $250 for admin.

  • Listen to 1 or 2 pitches from WATCT pre-qualified purpose driven companies every 6 weeks (or so).

  • Jointly decide who to invest in.

Benefits to joining:

  • Learn about angel investing.

  • Impact the start up ecosystem.

  • Have fun with a bunch of amazing women.

  • Follow the progress of our investments.

Contact us through the form below to learn more:

Thanks for submitting!

Thanks for submitting!

Previous Investments

The WATCT team has previously invested in companies leading innovation in Software SaaS, Health Tech, Fintech, and more 

Previous investments include:

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We provide companies with the opportunity to work with us through pro bono work or sponsorship dollars for events that raise awareness and help educate entrepreneurs, investors and partners in improving workplace culture. WATCT is proudly sponsored by:

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Copy of Copy of VCs are missing out on a trillion dollar market by not investing in underr
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